Frequently asked questions

What type of channel is this good for?
Any channel that focuses primarily on scripted content, including documentaries, news, product reviews, marketing, and much more. Subscribr is perfect for faceless creators too.
Will this write my entire script for me?
Subscribr saves you loads of time by researching the topic and guiding you through every step. But for best results, it needs your input.

Surprised to hear me say that? If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Here's what you get with Subscribr: a structured workflow to take you through the script creation process faster than you ever thought possible.

1. Input your video details (topic, angle, audience etc.)
2. Generate catchy titles and hooks using proven formats
3. Rapidly create an outline and first draft
4. Get feedback on how to optimize for audience engagement

It’s scriptwriting without getting stuck.
Doesn’t AI just output useless, robotic-sounding scripts?
Most AI tools give you crappy scripts because they’re trained on massive datasets that aren’t YouTube specific. Subscribr, on the other hand, knows exactly what makes a killer YouTube video.

Not only that, but Subscribr learns about your channel and audience. It asks about your goals for the script. It presents you with options and lets you edit to perfection.

Lastly, Subscribr spares no expense. When other AI content tools optimize for speed and cost, they're doing so with last year's models and tradeoffs every step of the way. Subscribr's sole focus is on producing the highest quality content possible.

The result? Binge-worthy content that keeps viewers engaged.
How accurate and up to date is the content it produces?
With Subscribr you can bring your own research from news articles, blogs, and other YouTube videos. By providing valuable context, Subscribr is able to write content that is both factual and current.
How long are the scripts it writes?
Anywhere from 800 words (~5 minutes spoken) to 9,600 words (~1 hour spoken).
Does it produce audio and video content too?
At this time Subscribr only produces text, in the form of titles, thumbnail ideas, hooks, and script drafts.
Does this work for teams?
Yes, you can invite additional team members to collaborate on your scripts.
Do I need to log into my YouTube account?
No, Subscribr does not access your private YouTube Studio data.
Is this thing secure?
Your channel and script details are stored securely on hardened servers with multiple layers of hardware, software, and network-based defenses. Additionally we support multiple user accounts (to prevent sharing passwords unsafely) and two factor authentication.

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