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Imagine a future where scriptwriting is no longer a bottleneck.

Your poor editor struggles to keep up, and competitors can't figure out how you publish quality videos so quickly.

Good thing they don't know about your new secret weapon.

Subscribr is an AI built exclusively for YouTube scriptwriting.

No obligation, no CC required.

We might be on to something 😍

Here's what some of our early users had to say.

Great videos begin with a great script.

Except NO ONE has as much time as they'd like to focus on scriptwriting.

We can outsource to slow, inconsistent scriptwriters...

Or desperately try to find a magical ChatGPT prompt.

Not ideal.

So I created a third option.

Fast Ideation

AI that works WITH YOU

How often do we spend hours trying to find the right title or hook?

Subscribr can help. Simply tell it about your video: the topic, unique angle, audience and goal.

Subscribr then walks you through the entire script creation process, presenting you with options for titles, thumbnails, hooks, and the script itself.

Unlike ChatGPT, Subscribr is trained very narrowly on what works for YouTube. It's modeled on thousands of outlier videos.

YouTube AI scriptwriting
Researching topics

Accuracy and Depth

High quality research in seconds

You could spend hours researching the topic of your script. Or you could use Subscribr's built-in research assistant in just a few clicks.

  • Enter a topic, and Subscribr generates questions to explore
  • Use the built-in web search tool to find answers to your questions
  • Add research from external sources like blog posts, news articles, and YouTube videos

This workflow makes it insanely easy to create scripts that are accurate, engaging, and backed by reliable sources.

Choosing a hook

Scriptwriting on Easy Mode

Juicy hooks and fast first drafts

Ever get stuck staring at a blank page? Not anymore.

Subscribr researches your topic, presents an outline, and helps you create a first draft in minutes.

The painful part will be done for you.

All you need to do is add the “magic touch” that makes the script your own.

It’s like playing your favorite video game with all the cheat codes unlocked.

Except this game earns you loads of money.

YouTube script feedback

Instant Feedback

A copy editor that never sleeps

With your first draft done, it's time for one last check to make sure your script is as good as it can be.

Subscribr's built-in editor gives you instant suggestions to improve your script's storytelling and engagement.

Now you can begin the editing process feeling confident that you have a great script on your hands.

No More Guesswork

Remix proven viral videos

With Subscribr you can:

- Enter the URL of a viral video
- Pick which parts you like
- Enter your own unique angle
- Add your own research
- Remix the script into your own creation

You be the DJ.

Subscribr will be the decks you mix on.

Product screenshot


What can Subscribr really do?

The best way to understand Subscribr's capabilities is to see its scriptwriting in action. These script drafts were 100% written by Subscribr.

McDonald's Isn't Actually A Fast Food Company?

A 3,200 word (20 minute) documentary about how McDonald's grew to become one of the larest companies in the world by selling real estate, not fast food.

View draft

Is the Cybertruck a Ripoff? Honest Review

A 2,600 word (16 minute) product review of the Tesla Cybertruck, focusing on its quality and safety issues but also its potential.

View draft

AI Wrote This YouTube Script

A 1,300 word (8 minute) marketing video about Subscribr, comparing it to freelancer scriptwriters and other AI content tools.

View draft

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