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Is OpenAI’s GPT-4o Any Good for YouTube Scriptwriting?

The OpenAI logo and the text 'GPT-40' positioned next to the YouTube logo, suggesting a comparison or integration between OpenAI's language model and the YouTube platform.

As the founder of Subscribr, a YouTube scriptwriting platform, I’m always on the lookout for the very best AI models for YT content creation. Today, OpenAI released GPT-4o, a brand new model that promises faster performance and is free to use. But the question remains: is GPT-4o any good for creating YouTube content? Will it replace YouTube scriptwriters?

I couldn’t resist diving in to find out. Here’s what I discovered:

Lightning-fast performance

GPT-4o is incredibly fast, outperforming both GPT-3.5 and Claude Sonnet by a factor of 2x in some of my tests. This shortened feedback loop allows for quicker testing of prompts, making the content creation process more efficient.

GPT-4o is blazing fast

No more colon-obsessed titles

Over the past year, we’ve all been frustrated by GPT’s tendency to include colons in nearly every title. GPT-4o seems to have addressed this issue, but I’m not entirely convinced that its titles are top-notch just yet. What do you think?

GPT-4o vs Subscribr’s current model for YouTube title generation

Improved instruction-following capabilities

While it will take weeks to fully dissect GPT-4o’s capabilities, my initial impression is that it follows instructions better than its predecessors.

This may require some adjustments to existing prompts, as they may now be overly sensitive.

GPT-4o’s writing still lacks soul

Although GPT-4o has improved compared to previous versions, its writing remains cliché-ridden, with phrases like “astonishing evolution” and “game-changer” peppered throughout. The writing simply falls flat.

GPT-4o vs Subscribr’s current model for hook writing

So, will I be using GPT-4o for Subscribr?

For now, I’ve decided not to switch to GPT-4o as my primary model for writing YouTube content. However, I have rolled out GPT-4o usage in a few other areas of the app where speed and reasoning are crucial. These updates are already live.

With Subscribr, you can rest assured that you’re always using the best available model for YouTube content creation. I’m obsessed with staying on top of the latest developments in AI, and as new models are released, you can expect Subscribr to keep getting better and better.

Try Subscribr for free and experience the power of AI-driven YouTube content creation for yourself.